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Engineering Capabilities

Ihandal has 3 main business areas that can assist with reducing your energy consumption:

  • Obtaining useful heat from upgrading waste heat
  • Delivering cooling with waste heat
  • Regeneration of power with waste heat

In essence, energy that is otherwise thrown away as a waste product is recaptured and re-purposed for your operation. Several examples of industries that can and have benefited from our solutions include: Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Upgrading waste heat

By absorbing and concentrating large volume of low grade heat (such as that present in ambient air), the resulting higher grade (temperature) heat can be useful for industrial processes or water heating for the consumer. Ihandal has partnered with well-known OEM manufacturers of air-conditioning components and products to produce efficient heat pumps to perform optimally in our climatic conditions and requirements for the ASEAN market. Our heat pump range spans capacities suitable for domestic to large commercial and/or industrial applications.

Delivering cooling

If the waste heat is at a medium grade, then this can also be used to drive an adapted passive-cooling cycle technology from Europe. This cooling system can achieve temperatures as low at 6C, and deliver up to 97% reduction in cooling operational costs.

Regenerating power

High grade waste heat can be recovered and either 'transported' for use in processes elsewhere, or converted back to electricity if this is more suitable. Once again, Ihandal has partnered with a leading international oil-free technology leader to provide a turnkey Organic Rankine Cycle plant to achieve these savings for your operation.