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Some of the most common questions we get, answered here:

So what do you actually do, in simple terms?

Let's use an example, take a 20 year old hotel (with 20 year old Mechanical Equipment in there).

Now imagine you want to bring your building up to spec with current Green Standards, and reduce your operating cost. Assuming you are using a Natural Gas boiler to generate hot water for your guest rooms, we're going to guess your running cost is rather high.

Ihandal will come in, study your system and calculate how much you're paying for hot water.
We then propose a system that will deliver X % of savings. We then install the system (usually in parallel with the old one) and run the new system for at least 2 months to demonstrate the savings. Essentially we want you to see the savings in hand.

Once the savings are proven, you - the client - will buy the system and continue to save on running cost and energy consumption.

How much energy can I save in my building?

This is not something we can answer with absolute precision, as every building is different. With our portfolio of projects, we've seen savings anywhere from 50% to 85%. It will depend on what system you currently have, your usage profile; even how your water circulation system is designed can have an effect.

Various other factors can also affect your energy consumption, for example:

  • An improperly sized system will result in the booster systems kicking in all the time. These boosters are normally not very efficient, with the rationale being they were designed in only as a backup (and should not be brought online on a regular basis!)
  • Lack of insulation, or control of heat losses. 

By working together with you, Ihandal can tackle any of these issues you may have to deliver cost-effective energy solutions for your operation.

*That said, with enough detailed information - we can ballpark this figure for you with our bare bones system. 
Get in touch with us to discuss this further!

What is the typical payback period? Return on Investment?

We don't have a specific answer for this, as energy costs are changing constantly. 

For retrofit projects, the payback can vary due to the cost of fuels changing.
For new projects, it really depends how sophisticated you want the system to be - we have many optional extras in terms of automation and control of the system.

However, from a strict energy point of view, you can expect to see an appreciable reduction in consumption which we're confident will make it worthwhile.

Can I use these systems in my home to save energy?

For our first solution, yes. We have a range of domestic heat pumps due to launch in Mid-2016; we are working towards optimising their performance and keeping it affordable for the average household.

Delivering cooling or regenerating electricity at such a small scale is possible, but the cost of doing so is far too expensive to justify its use. The equipment will also not operate at its most efficient point, thus the return on investment will be unattractive.